BankMobile Disbursements partners with PHSC to disburse financial aid balances and tuition refunds for PHSC students. A BankMobile refund preference link will automatically be enabled, in WISE,  for all certificate and degree seeking students after registration and payment of classes. During the refund selection process students use a unique personal code to select a refund preference with BankMobile. For more information visit BankMobile.

If a student has already selected a refund preference at  PHSC with BankMobile, the link within WISE will direct students to the log on page for BankMobile. The log on page contains a forgotten password link. If a student needs password assistance, they should contact BankMobile directly by calling 877-273-0702.

For students who do not expect a financial aid disbursement or refund, selecting preferences is still important during the enrollment process to access future financial aid disbursements or refunds.