Tax Information (1098T)

AVAILABLE:  Pasco-Hernando State College will make the 1098T available by January 31 each year through your WISE account. You can print the form by selecting the tax information tab on WISE. You will have access to the last 3 years 1098T forms, if applicable.

What is a 1098T Tax Form?

This is a tax form that includes qualified tuition and fees; scholarships, grants and other third-party receipts (not including loans or payments from student or family members); indication of at least half-time status; indication if the student was a graduate student; all according to the date they were posted to the student’s account, within the calendar tax year.

Important notes:

  1. If the amount in Box 5 (scholarships and grants) is more than the amount in Box 1 (total payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses), we do not report these amounts to the IRS.
  2. Usually tuition charges and fees for the Spring semester are charged to the student’s account in the preceding November/December timeframe and therefore, are included in the tax form for the calendar tax year preceding the start date of the Spring semester, with Box 7 check-marked to indicate that a portion of the tuition charges and fees in Box 1, are for an academic period beginning January-March of the following year. However, Spring semester’s financial aid that would be reported in Box 5 -scholarships, grants and other third-party receipts (not including loans or payments from student or family members), does not post to the student’s account until after January 1st, therefore is reported on the following tax year’s 1098T form. 

Why would I not receive a 1098T Tax Form?

Potential reasons for not receiving a 1098T Tax form:

  • Students only taking courses for which no academic credit is offered.
  • Students whose qualified tuition and related expenses are entirely covered by scholarships, grants, outside resources, government entities, other or combination thereof.
  • If you selected to receive your 1098T in the mail and the preferred mailing address in your system profile at PHSC is not current at the time the form is generated and mailed.  However, now the forms are also available on WISE for students eligible to receive one. 
  • Students who graduated during the calendar year, whose last semester attended was in Spring and tuition charges and fees for that Spring semester were posted to the student’s account in the prior calendar year, therefore included in the prior calendar year’s 1098T Tax Form.

For read more information about Educational Tax Credits, see IRS Publication 970, Tax Benefits for Education, available at or by calling IRS Forms and Publications at 800-829-3676.

Neither Pasco-Hernando State College nor its staff are qualified to give tax advice. If you have tax questions, please seek the advice of a qualified tax professional or contact the IRS at