Understanding the Process of DCF Exemptions 

Required document needed in order to process the DCF exemption: Form CF-FSP 5220 that contains an actual signature of a Department of Children and Families representative or Community Based Care Lead Agency representative, along with their contact information. 

DCF Exemption Process: A student submits their DCF Exemption documentation to Student Financial Services one time. During peak registration prior to the start of the full term, the DCF Exemption list is reviewed weekly and on the day of the fee due date/day of purge. If a student is not registered prior to the fee due date, or if on the fee due date a student makes changes to their class schedule, the student must immediately contact PHSC’s Student Financial Services. The fee due date for each term can be found in the College’s academic calendar.

If you register for a class or make changes after your initial exemption is manually processed, or if it is after the "fee due date", you must notify PHSC’s Student Financial Services, before 4 p.m. that day to ensure the exemption is applied to the added/changed class. Failure to notify Student Financial Services will result in the class showing as unpaid and purged from the system that evening. The best way to confirm that your classes will not purge due to non-payment is: 

  • Log in to WISE 
  • Select the Current Term (No fees are due if there are no fees displayed.) 

Exception to the DCF Process: A DCF exemption will not cover a third (3rd) attempt on a class. The student will be responsible for the full cost of instruction on the third attempt.

For questions regarding eligibility or how to obtain a signed Tuition and Fee Exemption form, CF-FSP 5220, contact your local Community-Based Care Lead Agency or the Office of Continuing Care at 1-850-300-HOPE (1-850-300-4673). Or you can reach out to your DCF contact person. 

For form submissions and questions, send an email to Student Financial Services.